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FIT-ERP ADEPT is a powerful yet simple to use solution. The interface is appealing and easy to understand yet still provides all the power your organization needs to run your business. FIT-ERP ADEPT has all of the functions you need like Order Entry, AR, AP, Purchasing, General Ledger, Inventory Manager, Reporting, CRM and Banking, but it also has features that will be crucial as you grow.

Main Modules: 

  1. Purchasing and Maintenance
  2. Marketing and Sales
  3. Fixed Assets
  4. Inventory control
  5. Receivables Management
  6. Banking
  7. General ledger
  8. Admin Management
  9. Contact Management 


Major Features:

  • Web-based
  • Multi company, Multi branch , Multi language and Multi currency
  • User Customizable Menu
  • Detailed vendor and customer profiles.
  • High security access distribution via administration management with distributing permissions and privileges.
  • Ability to connect to web portal to serve the company’s customers and employees.
  • Very organized work flow through the system main modules.
  • Ability to track, control and mange business processes using the audit log.
  • Effective bank accounts management.
  • Advanced report capabilities using the Report Designer
  • Advanced Security module


Specifications of FIT-ERP ADEPT Modules


This module tracks all the Work orders from creation to completion. It enables tracking of Items, Parts, Vendors, Technicians, and Work Orders.



  • Detailed vendor profile.
  • Complete description of the problem to be fixed
  • Material request: list all needed items and parts.
  • Dealing with received items.
  • Supports the purchasing bills, pay bills, and return purchase orders.
  • Wide range of purchasing and maintenance financial reports.


Marketing and Sales:

  • Fully organized work flow
  • Full customer, prospects, agents, and salesmen personal profile
  • Keep a log of all important contact numbers and Information.
  • Flexibility of adding custom fields and comments.
  • Full financial integration.
  • Manage the system applications.
  • Manage and control waiting lists of customers.
  • Full support for reservation actions.
  • Conducting the MOU, sales contract, and sales invoices.
  • Supports sales and contracts break.
  • Automatic generation of each customer schedule payments.
  • Automatically tracking customer payments against scheduled.
  • Tracks current status of all payments.
  • Wide range of the sales and marketing integrated reports.


Fixed Assets:

The Fixed Assets Module gives you complete control on the company Assets and Depreciation Calculation. The system covers most of fixed asset transactions:

-      Issue to Asset

-      Asset Consignment

-      Dispose Asset

-      Asset Re-evaluation

-      Transfer Asset

-      Sell an asset


  • Managing the fixed assets categories and sub categories, and assign some assets specification for the assets categories and its subs, such as depreciation method and assets accounts associated with the assets.
  • Full description for the company’s fixed assets, also full support for the assets depreciation calculations and transactions.
  • Effective depreciation calculation for single or multi assets.
  • Supports dispose asset operations.
  • Supports converts to asset operation.
  • Easy and effective way to manage assets consignments and drop consignments.
  • Wide range of fixed assets reports


Inventory Control:

The FIT-ERP ADEPT Inventory module gives you the ability to better manage your inventory, warehouses and component parts. It offers highly advanced pricing features that give you almost unlimited flexibility in pricing your items. You can even charge a different price for each inventory item for every customer and FIT-ERP ADEPT will still keep track of it for you. FIT-ERP ADEPT can likewise handle the requirements of demanding “chain stores” that require their SKU number on each transaction document. For manufacturers,   FIT-ERP ADEPT has a complete “Build Assembly” feature that quickly turns your raw materials into finished product.

With the Web FIT-ERP ADEPT module, the inventory module becomes your Internet “back end,” as adding items to your website is as easy as clicking a checkbox in the inventory screen. As you change Item information and pricing within the inventory module, you website is updated in real time! Imagine the sales & marketing benefits your company will be able to enjoy due to your ability to show customers new items minutes after they are available – not the weeks or even months it normally takes


  • Organize and manage all the inventory transactions.
  • Mange the inventory items.
  • Define inventory categories and sub categories.
  • Define and manage the inventory warehouses.
  • Manage and control the inventory transactions
  • Having more than costing method (FIFO, LIFO and Average cost)
  • Wide range of inventory financial reports.


Receivables Management:

You can now manage your Accounts Receivables in a very effortless manner, largely due to the powerful features incorporated within The .Net Accounts Receivables module. Its user-friendly interface gives you the ability to quickly invoice your customers and enter payments. FIT-ERP ADEPT can even work with online data of a leading credit agency to give you live, up to date credit information (separate membership fee required) at the time of invoicing, thereby reducing bad debt expense and increasing profits in a big way


  • Full manipulation for the sales payments.
  • Efficient way to explore the sales invoices and issuing the sales invoices for the customers.
  • Efficient way to explore the invoices of the clients.
  • Explore and issuing manual invoices.
  • Receipt Voucherـeasy to use tool for managing your receivables. Enter your client payments as they are received and easily bill your clients (customers) with the confidence that they are being billed correctly. Payment’s can be entered as cash money or checks.
  • Wide range of receivable financial reports.


Payables Management: 

The FIT-ERP ADEPT Accounts Payable module gives you the ability to efficiently keep track and process your A/P transactions. With advanced features like "Multi-Vendor Payables" and "Vendor Prepayments," vendor payments have become so much easier to do! If your company employs sales people on commission basis, our Commission Wizard will make even the most complex commission tasks like "split commissions" and "commission deductions for late payments" seem like a picnic!



The FIT-ERP ADEPT Banking module gives you the ability to quickly handle your bank accounts in a very user-friendly environment. Complex tasks such as Bank Account reconciliation, Credit Card reconciliation and Recurring Transactions are easily processed, saving you precious time and manpower  

  • Creating, editing and browsing bank accounts.
  • Manipulate write checks transactions
  • Control and manage bank deposits transactions.
  • Manage and control checks transactions, that could be done by doing the necessary follow up of incoming checks and track status for each check ” receivable, under collection, collected, returned”.
  • Easily conducted bank reconciliation.
  • Wide range of banking financial reports.


General Ledger: 

The FIT-ERP ADEPT General Ledger module combines the features of one of the most powerful ERP available in the market with the ease-of-use of “off the shelf” ERP, You can set up FIT-ERP ADEPT with a “Multi-Segmented” General Ledger, allowing you to create different offices, divisions and other segmentation of your company and assessing their costs individually. This advanced feature is perfect for larger corporations who want the capability to keep track of how each operation affects the profitability of the company. 

The initial setup of your General Ledger is very easy, largely due to the inclusion of a default chart of accounts and our General Ledger setup wizard. Once you start using the General Ledger, you will readily appreciate the “drill down” features of the General Ledger module, as it allows you to get to the details of your General Ledger information with just a mouse click. Other General Ledger features include full budgeting, reoccurring transactions support and the ability to re-open closed periods. 

  • Effective structure for building and setting up the chart of accounts of the company.
  • The ability to define the accounts structure, add and edit the account groups, add and edit primary accounts, add and edit the segments departments, build chart of accounts, add and edit accounting periods, opening closed fiscal years, finally add and edit cost centers.
  • The ability to define financial charges
  • Offering an easy way to record and browse open balances in the system.
  • Efficient way to setup company vouchers, to be used in the financial transactions.
  • Wide range of general ledger reports.


Contacts Management: 

The FIT-ERP ADEPT Contact module allows you to keep track of your Customers, Prospects, Vendors, Sales Rep Offices, Individual Sales Reps, Employees and Jobs in one easy-to-use module. An unlimited number of “contacts” can be made for each contact type and you can keep detailed notes each time you contact your Customer, Prospect, and such. Likewise, any note made for a prospect automatically gets moved to the customer contact log when that prospect becomes a customer! 

When combined with the soon-to-be released Email/Fax Server module, the Contact module can quickly be turned into a powerful marketing module, allowing you to produce mass e-mail or fax prospects and customers with special promotions – with just a click of the mouse! 

  • Managing the prospect customers, define new prospects, browse and edit them, and convert the prospects into company customers with full profiling ability.
  • Full profiling for the company agents, salesmen and customers.
  • Defining scheduled activities.
  • Fully supportive weekly planner.
  • Letter template creator.
  • The ability to send mass mail/SMS to the Customers through the send email screen
  • Wide range of contact management reports.



  • Report wizard (a feature that allows the end user to create own reports)
  • A complete set of reports which covers all the Administration needs
  • Easily exporting reports to other windows application format (MS-Word, Excel, text, PDF) so you can easily edit your report using the familiar commands and features within these programs to suite your need.
  • The ability to send reports via mail.


Admin Management: 

  • Define the prospect currency that may be found in the financial transaction.
  • Define all the system users and edit their information.
  • Manage all the system user permissions.
  • Full message editor capability.
  • Tracking all the transactions made on the system using the audit log facility.
  • Define the archiving setup.
  • Define and edit the company preferences. 


Job Costing 

The FIT-ERP ADEPT Project and Job Costing module provides an effective solution for project managers in construction, job service, and other professional industries who require a time-and-material system. It delivers the tools necessary to manage the simplest to most complex contract or job. It makes the job budgeting, tracking, and billing of projects easy and manageable-simplifying cost control and planning. With the powerful features of Project and Job Costing you can identify potential issues and determine success factors for any project. Moreover the module gives you the ability of follow up for sub-contractors advance payments, payments, advance recovery and retentions in addition of the sureties and change orders.


The FIT-ERP ADEPT Payroll module contains numerous potent features that make managing your Payroll and employee related tasks easier than ever. The Payroll module features user-friendly screens to guide you through the payroll process. When combined with the FIT-ERP ADEPT "Jobs Module," you can quickly invoice your customers for time spent on a project and create the paycheck for your employee at the same time.


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