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Payroll Management FIT-PAY®


FIT-PAYthis system concern of salaries calculation according to the company policies and procedures, and various deductions types such as Income-Tax, social security, health Insurance and various incomings such permanent rewards, and benefits,…etc.


FIT-PAY Main Functions

Tickets.                                                             Financial Profile.

  1. Earning and Deductions.

Service Indemnity.                                               Salary Scale.

Integrated with any ERP.                                      Health Insurance.

Integrated with any Banking System.                      Provident Fund.

Integrated with Time Attendance.                           Leave Management.

Integrated with FIT-HR.                                        Advanced Vacations.

Capability to calculate Provision.                            Payroll Processing

Financial Profile: This form contains all financial information for the employee such as (basic salary, GL No., Social Security Information, Insurance Information, Allowances, Vacations balances, Tax data, Employee benefits and deductions…etc.).

Earning and Deductions: A set of forms that enable the user to define and record regular and periodical earnings and deductions. The system gives the user more than way to enter these transactions (by employee, as bulk or importing from excel, or mass transactions).

Salary Scale: This module enables the user to define any type of salary scale; the user can define salary scale details such as basic salary, allowances, vacations, tickets and other benefits, and link salary details to a package number. When the employee is defined on a salary scale the employee inherits all salary scale properties of a package.

Health Insurance: Health Insurance module enables the user to define various scales in accordance with different business rules and deductions.

Provident Fund: The Provident Fund module enables the user to define multiple provident fund types while applying different business rules of the organization.

Leave Management: This module enables the user to define different types of vacations and leaves while applying business rules and deductions. This module is integrated with the time attendance system to reduce time loss and increase manpower utilization accuracy.

Payroll Processing: Starting from entering/importing employee monthly transactions (Overtime/Leaves/Vacations/Loans/Increase/other deductions etc...) ending with the salary calculation, the system provides the suitable and user friendly tools to achieve this process quickly and accurately.

Tickets: This module is designed to help the user to configure all types of airline tickets and prices based on ticket specifications. Tickets can be included in the salary scale setup. The user can also find ticket prices through the ESS tickets web service.

Service Indemnity: The end of service indemnity module gives the user the ability to define any type of indemnity. Indemnity types available are compatible with any company business rules and in accordance with government regulations.

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