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Builders FIT Human Resources is a comprehensive management solution that streamlines your HR processes. It efficiently administers applicant tracking, benefit programs, workforce training and development, dues calculations and benefits, and ever-changing governmental regulations. The Employee Self Service (ESS) portal is designed for employee satisfaction as well as operational efficiency.

Builders FIT® HRMS solutions deliver software support for all employee related functions whether distributed or centralized. This enables organizations to manage a geographically dispersed workforce in a global manner, ensuring support for various local payroll and legal reporting requirements.

Builders provide a robust set of flexible and configurable human resource, payroll and employee development software that:

  • Offers greater total business value by streamlining the entire employee life-cycle
  • Manages recruitment and resourcing, training administration, benefits programs and performance management
  • Provides a wealth of information and advice to all employees via self-service access


Human Resources FIT-HR®

Payroll Management FIT-PAY®

Time Attendance FIT-TA®

Employee Self Services Portal FIT-ESS®

BI dashboards FIT-ANALYZER®

Builders FIT® HRMS solutions help you maximize your most important resources – your people, by providing faster and more efficient people support.Promotes operational efficiency by allowing the entire workforce to focus on key company objectives


Major Features

  • Web based.
  • User friendly
  • Full localization
  • Scalable to type of business and number of employees
  • Fully bilingual (Arabic / English)
  • Standard buttons and navigation
  • Backup and Restore facility
  • Advanced search capability
  • Security and authorization access levels
  • Independent hardware, operating system
  • Integrated with Microsoft office, PDF
  • Rich reporting and enquiries
  • Audit log and security feature

Web-based Advantage

Simple Installation.

Minimal network costs.

Centralized support.

Fast implementation.

Ease of Operation.

Report Features


  • Reporting wizard (allows end users to create own reports)
  • Ability to export reports to PDF, Word, Excel, Text and HTML files and send via email.
  • Many enhancements to the Advanced Reports and advanced criteria.
  • Printing features enable users to output reports in many paper sizes such as (A4, A3…etc).
  • Ability to schedule the sending reports to managers automatically via email.
  • Rich governmental reports.


Ease of Navigation


Our intuitive Main Menu provides easy access to all aspects of the system. Wizards guide users through the more complex tasks, and large picture icons are featured on every screen to help guide the way.

Human Resources FIT-HR®


FIT-HRis a human resources management system designed to handle HR tasks starting from recruitment and ending with retirement including all the functions and processes in between. FIT-HRis dedicated to provide the human resources department with the tools to achieve all major goals, increase employee and managerial productivity, support training and growth, reduce costs without reducing benefits and enhance employee satisfaction and productivity. FIT-HRextensively covers all aspects of human resource management including recruitment; employee relations; leaves, time attendance; competency; appraisals; training, analytical studies, document management and transferring procedures.

FIT-HR Modules

Organization Hierarchy
Employee Profile
Performance Appraisal
Manpower Planning
Training and Development
Disciplinary Actions
Communication Centre
Workflow Management
Outlook-like Reminders
ESS Requests Management
Reports Generator
SMS Notifications

Career Path
Documents Management
Turnover Analysis
Succession Planning
Task Scheduling
Energy Management
Visa Management
Incentive Management
Job Classification
Project Management
Statistical Field Studies
Business Trips


Organization Hierarchy: This module helps the user to build a dynamic organizational hierarchy with the ability to define unlimited structure levels such as (branches, departments, sections, sites…etc). The organizational hierarchy can be exported to Microsoft Visio.

Employee Profile: One page with many tabs that cover all employee information such as General Info, Education, Addresses, Contacts, References, Documents, Children, Skills, Family, Documents, Dependants, Contacts, Experiences...etc.

Job Classification and Career Path: The job classification module enables the user to define and classify jobs into groups and types. It also helps the user build job descriptions for each job including job requirements and detailed job skills and job responsibilities. The user can also build career paths for all positions in the organization to enable employees and managers to plan and follow up their careers.

Document Management: This module is designed to help the Human Resources department build their own documents and letter templates using a friendly editor; this editor uses flexible variables that change according to employee information. Letter templates can be used by other modules for reminders, disciplinary actions, and other employee notices.

Performance Appraisal: This evaluation application helps organizations plan and manage their employees by measuring staff productivity and performance. The appraisal module saves time and effort that organizations usually spend on employee evaluation. Using this module, users can setup any type of appraisal method such as Scorecard evaluation, 180 degree appraisal, 360 degree appraisal, and 270 degree appraisal, with the ability to include customers or any one from outside the organization into the evaluation process.

Promotion: The promotion Module is used to upgrade the employee’s salary scale with all benefits of the salary scale such as (class, degree, level, allowances, yearly vacation balance, and so on). This module can also be used to include the employee in the career path of his position.

Manpower Planning: This module enables the user to realize the future vision of the organization. The user can plan for the number of employees that should be hired in a particular post or position in the coming years. The Manpower module can be integrated with the Recruitment module to control employee numbers during the hiring process.

Recruitment: The Recruitment module is used to implement the recruitment cycle in the organization starting from submitting the applications, interview request, and finally the hiring procedures. Applicants can fill online applications through the recruitment web service. The human resources manager can search for any application through the advanced search tools available. The human resources manager can use recommendations from the Termination analysis module to help in the employment process.

Turnover Analysis: This module aims to determine the turnover rate for all departments. The module helps the human resources manager to analyze the reasons for turnover based on many factors such as gender, position, age…etc. The HR manager can use analysis results as recommendations for the hiring process.

Succession Planning: Succession planning module is used to help the human resources manager build a succession plan for key employees and key positions and make decisions about suitable successors in case one of the key employee leaves the company.

Training and Development: This module helps the Human Resources manager to plan, manage and follow up all training activities in the company, by defining training centers, training courses, and building a training schedule and register employees in training courses. Moreover, the training module helps the Human Resources manager, to determine skill competency gaps and to make skills test accordingly.

Disciplinary Actions: Disciplinary Actions Module is used to help the Human Resources Manager to take disciplinary actions against any employee; the HR manager can define any type of disciplinary action such as warning letters, deduction from salary or a vacation deduction.

Communication Centre: Thismodule is used to manage all incoming and outgoing letters. The user can forward incoming letters to the departments according to a predefined workflow. Using ESS, managers can add their comments on the incoming letters.

Approvals Workflow: This module is used to define company approvals workflow including all employee applications passing to managers according to the organization’s workflow. The user can also define any type of employee request such as requests for loans and setup a workflow for all these requests.

Forecasting: Forecasting module is used to help the HR manager match between expenses and revenues of the organization’s human resources and put in place strategic plans to support other departments so they can have the best people in the right place and at the right time.

ESS Request Management: ESS Request Management module provides monitoring and reply services  (by rejecting or accepting) all requests made by the employee via the employee self-service ESS Portal. ESS Request Management is considered the link between the human resource management system and ESS.

Report Generator:

FIT includes hundreds of default reports that can be customized using the report designer that gives you complete control over every detail of a report. Reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel or Text and can be emailed using the built-in email control. Default criteria allow filtering of reports in many different ways. Criteria for a specific report can be saved so you don’t have to keep changing it each time you run the report

Energy Management: Human energy is an affective experience that includes a sense of positive arousal, eagerness to act, and the capability of acting. It is a “reinforcing experience that people enjoy and seek” and that is reflected in the individual experience of vitality and lack of fatigue. This module enables management to manage the organization’s total energy (spiritual, physical, mental and emotional) resulting in a more effective and efficient workforce.

Surveys: A survey is a method of collecting and analyzing data. This module is designed to build models of studies and questionnaires that need to be applied to employees, such as the degree of satisfaction of staff working for the company. Questionnaires are distributed to all or a random sample of employees. Then, and through feedback from the sample, management can identify gaps, "if any" and come up with solutions for them.

Task Scheduling: This module is designed to schedule tasks and to follow-up the “user of the system” to complete all scheduled work in the time specified: such as calculation of salaries, vacations accrual, issuing bank statements, issuing certified payroll etc. The Scheduler reminds the user of each task at the scheduled date and time.

Event Triggers: The module allows users to attach triggers to any report and schedule that report to be automatically generated at a particular time and date and then sent as an email to the specified recipient. So users and managers are never stuck waiting for information, for example: the system can automatically send a report to the Director every day at 10 am with the names of staff latecomers. This module is an important element in the time management process of all HR users.

Reminders: The module allows users to attach email reminders to particular events. Itis used to remind employees and managers of events such as passport expiry dates, formal holidays, vacation balances, important documents and contract renewals or when an employee completes their probation period. Predefined letter templates can be used for these reminders.

Payroll Management FIT-PAY®


FIT-PAYthis system concern of salaries calculation according to the company policies and procedures, and various deductions types such as Income-Tax, social security, health Insurance and various incomings such permanent rewards, and benefits,…etc.


FIT-PAY Main Functions

Tickets.                                                             Financial Profile.

  1. Earning and Deductions.

Service Indemnity.                                               Salary Scale.

Integrated with any ERP.                                      Health Insurance.

Integrated with any Banking System.                      Provident Fund.

Integrated with Time Attendance.                           Leave Management.

Integrated with FIT-HR.                                        Advanced Vacations.

Capability to calculate Provision.                            Payroll Processing

Financial Profile: This form contains all financial information for the employee such as (basic salary, GL No., Social Security Information, Insurance Information, Allowances, Vacations balances, Tax data, Employee benefits and deductions…etc.).

Earning and Deductions: A set of forms that enable the user to define and record regular and periodical earnings and deductions. The system gives the user more than way to enter these transactions (by employee, as bulk or importing from excel, or mass transactions).

Salary Scale: This module enables the user to define any type of salary scale; the user can define salary scale details such as basic salary, allowances, vacations, tickets and other benefits, and link salary details to a package number. When the employee is defined on a salary scale the employee inherits all salary scale properties of a package.

Health Insurance: Health Insurance module enables the user to define various scales in accordance with different business rules and deductions.

Provident Fund: The Provident Fund module enables the user to define multiple provident fund types while applying different business rules of the organization.

Leave Management: This module enables the user to define different types of vacations and leaves while applying business rules and deductions. This module is integrated with the time attendance system to reduce time loss and increase manpower utilization accuracy.

Payroll Processing: Starting from entering/importing employee monthly transactions (Overtime/Leaves/Vacations/Loans/Increase/other deductions etc...) ending with the salary calculation, the system provides the suitable and user friendly tools to achieve this process quickly and accurately.

Tickets: This module is designed to help the user to configure all types of airline tickets and prices based on ticket specifications. Tickets can be included in the salary scale setup. The user can also find ticket prices through the ESS tickets web service.

Service Indemnity: The end of service indemnity module gives the user the ability to define any type of indemnity. Indemnity types available are compatible with any company business rules and in accordance with government regulations.

Time Attendance FIT-TA®


Time Attendance module helps automate company employee time management and time tracking related processes including logging employee hours worked and exporting data into the payroll system. It helps organizations eliminate paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance. It can be integrated with any type of time clock terminals. FIT TA defines one or more shift types determined either by time, type of work or employee, and includes start and end times, time offs, breaks and week-ends.  Processing of leaves and overtime and calculation of exact number of hours worked is central to the shift management. FIT TA provides a link to the payroll system so all transactions can be imported either manually or automatically.

FIT TA provides a list of reports such as the Daily Transactions report, Late Employees report, Daily clock in and Exit report…etc.



Employee Self Service Portal FIT-ESS®


This is a Bilingual portal that performs as a channel between the employees and the HR department. The portal allows employees to view their vacations balances, monthly transactions, salary slips …etc). Moreover the employees can forward requests to change their data like bank information, addresses and certificates, in addition to requesting leaves, vacations, training which will be passed through predefined workflows.

The Manager Self Service gives managers the necessary tools to play an active role in managing their staff from completing appraisals to controlling vacations and leave approvals. They can access real-time reports about employee vacations, leaves, career paths, and skills gaps. These reports enable managers to make more informed decisions. Process workflows help to monitor sensitive issues such as vacations approvals, leave approvals and employee appraisals to ensure a working a more efficient, productive and organized environment functioning within agreed policies and procedures.




FIT Analyzer is your information command center. It provides is a set of custom metrics, and dashboards, which can be used to measure employee objectives, efficiency, and effectiveness without the need for any programming expertise. Dashboards allow you to capture and report specific data points from within the organization, thus providing a "snapshot" of performance. The generated charts include the most commonly used 2D and 3D chart types, including XY and financial charts. With advanced charting features like custom axes, annotations, markers, legends, and constant lines, you can create any chart you need. Any new charts can be saved in your database and becomes immediately available to you or any other users you assign it to.


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