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The system is designed to provide customers with a full-featured, web-based Finance Leasing Solution developed to handle and keep pace with rapidly changing market requirements and to equip you with a marked competitive advantage. It gives you several advantages that help make your business more efficient and profitable.

Main Features:

  • User friendly
  • Web-based system
  • Multi company, Multi branch , Multi language and Multi currency
  • User Customizable Menu
  • Dashboards
  • Web components; lease calculator, Customers portal, online application.
  • Comprehensive lease transactions that enable the user to add/update closed deals.
  • High security access distribution via administration management with distributing permissions and privileges.
  • Organized work flow through the main modules in the system.
  • Audit Log feature to track, control and manage business processes.
  • Advanced report capabilities (Report Designer).
  • Reminders and Alerts.
  • Email integration.

Main Modules:

  • Finance Leasing
  • Purchasing and Account Payables
  • Maintenance.
  • Fixed Asset Management.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Receivables Management.
  • General Ledger.
  • Banking.
  • Risk management.
  • Insurance management.
  • Letter Generator.
  • Contact Management
Home|About Us|Solutions|Clients|Partners|Testimonials|Contact Us