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Specifications of FIT-PMS AQARI Modules

Leasing Management

  • Full tenants/occupants personal profile: Contacts, Calls Log, and Documents.
  • Fully organized leasing work flow
  • Comprehensive Lease transactions: Move out, Move in, Renew...
  • Multi-locations within the same Lease contract.
  • Lease transactions history.
  • Manage Security Deposits and others financial charges.
  • Automatic calculation of renting period and value.
  • Auto generation of scheduled payments for each Tenant/Occupant.
  • Auto generation of tenant invoices according to scheduled payments.
  • Auto tracking of Tenant/Occupant payments against invoices.
  • Managing Lease applications and waiting list.
  • Flexibility by enabling the user to add a custom fields and comments.
  • SMS Reminders.
  • Lease explorer.
  • Ability to apply telephone charges.
  • Wide range of leasing financial reports.

Purchasing and Maintenance:

This module tracks all the Work orders from creation to completion. It enables tracking of Items, Parts, Vendors, Technicians, Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance, and Maintenance History.


  • Manage and control the maintenance tickets from the tenant.
  • Ability to manage a number of maintenance works belonging to one unit by grouping them into work orders and tracking the status of each maintenance code, or the whole work order.
  • Define items (In Details) which is used during the work order or preventive work order process.
  • Duplication option to allow the user to create many work orders for a chosen Property, Building or unit in an easy way.
  • Detailed vendor /Contractor profile.
  • The ability to charge the tenant with a percent of the maintenance cost.
  • Managing Preventive maintenance by automatic generation of work orders depending on the next effective date, frequency and stop date.
  • Complete description of the problem to be fixed
  • Complete and full maintenance cycle starting with customer claim converting to work order after checking the technician and the unit maintenance history if no parts needed the work order will be completed other wise material requisition is made “this may be checked in a separate screen” after the requisition is approved the work order is completed, any liability on the tenant is added as a maintenance charges.
  • Material request: a part of maintenance cycle in which you may list all needed items and parts.
  • Issuing purchase orders that will involve in the maintenance cycle.
  • Dealing with received items.
  • Supports the purchasing bills, pay bills, and return purchase orders.
  • Wide range of purchasing and maintenance financial reports.

Marketing and Sales:

  • Fully organized work flow
  • Full customer, prospects, agents, and salesmen personal profile
  • Keep a log of all important contact number and Info.
  • The ability of selling the same property to more than one customer within the same contract.
  • Flexibility of adding a custom fields and comments.
  • Full financial integration.
  • Manage the system applications.
  • Manage and control waiting lists of customers.
  • Full support for reservation actions
  • Conducting the memo of understanding, sales contract, and sales invoices.
  • Supports sales and contracts break.
  • Automatic generation of each customer schedule payments.
  • Automatically tracking customer payments against scheduled.
  • Tracks current status of all payments.
  • Wide range of the sales and marketing integrated reports.

Real Estate:

  • Organize property, Buildings and Units
  • The ability to specify and consider the property, building, or unit specification upon company requirement.
  • Specification Template which can be used to describe the property, building or unit
  • The ability to Split/merge units
  • Duplication option which allow the user to define the same data in an easy way for each property, building, unit.
  • Display statistics of the property, building or unit components (rented, not rented, and moved out).
  • Various retrieving conditions through determining some criteria such as (usage, Real Estate statues, country, city, district, Annual rent according to a specific range, components, year build.)
  • Renting history displays all the previous renting contracts for a selected unit.
  • Get a summary of latest tenant/occupant, and current status for a selected Real Estate unit.
  • Maintenance history which displays all the maintenance orders to a selected property, building or unit
  • Supports unit’s transactions such as changing unit’s areas, rent prices and sales prices.
  • Hierarchy report which displays all properties and the buildings and units contained under each property.

Fixed Assets:

  • Managing the fixed assets categories and sub categories, and assign some assets specification for the assets categories and its subs, such as depreciation method and assets accounts associated with the assets.
  • Full description for the company’s fixed assets, also full support for the assets depreciation calculations and transactions.
  • Effective depreciation calculation for single or multi assets.
  • Supports dispose asset operations.
  • Supports converts to asset operation.
  • Easy and effective way to manage assets consignments and drop consignments.
  • Wide range of fixed assets reports

Inventory Control:

  • Organize and manage all the inventory transactions.
  • Mange the inventory items.
  • Define inventory categories and sub categories.
  • Define and manage the inventory warehouses.
  • Manage and control the inventory transactions
  • Having more than costing method (FIFO, LIFO and Average cost)
  • Wide range of inventory financial reports.

Receivables Management:

  • Full manipulation for the sales and leasing payments.
  • Efficient way to explore the sales invoices and issuing the sales invoices for the customers.
  • Efficient way to explore the tenant invoices and issuing the renting invoices for the tenants.
  • Explore and issuing manual invoices.
  • Receive Voucherـeasy to use tool for managing your receivables. Enter your client payments as they are received and easily bill your clients (customers/tenants) with the confidence that they are being billed correctly. Payment’s can be entered as cash money or checks.
  • Wide range of receivable financial reports.


  • Creating, editing and browsing bank accounts.
  • Manipulate write checks transactions
  • Control and manage bank deposits transactions.
  • Manage and control checks transactions, that could be done by doing the necessary follow up of incoming checks and track  status for each check” receivable, under collection, collected, returned”.
  • Easy conducted bank reconciliation.
  • Wide range of banking financial reports.

General Ledger:

  • Effective structure in building and setup the chart of account of the company.
  • The ability to define the accounts structure, add and edit the account groups, add and edit the primary accounts, add and edit the segments departments, build chart of accounts, add and edit accounting periods, opening closed fiscal years, finally add and edit the cost centers.
  • The ability to define the financial charges
  • Offering an easy way to record and browse the open balances in the system.
  • Efficient way in setup the company vouchers, to be used in the financial transactions.
  • Wide range of general ledger reports.

Admin Management:

  • The ability to define and edit all the country and city which contain the company real Estate.
  • Define the prospect currency that may found in the financial transaction.
  • Define all the system users and edit there information.
  • Manage all the system user permissions.
  • Full message editor capability.
  • Tracking all the transaction made on the system using the audit log facility.
  • Define the archiving setup.
  • Define and edit the company preferences.

Contacts Management:

  • Managing the prospect customers, define new prospects, browse and edit them, and convert the prospects into company customers with full profiling ability.
  • Full profiling for the company agents, salesmen, customers, tenants/occupant, and the lord land.
  • Defining scheduled activities.
  • Full supportive weekly planner.
  • Letter template creator.
  • The ability to send a mass mails / SMS to the tenants/Customers through send email screen
  • Wide range of contact management reports.


  • Report wizard ( a feature that allow the end user to create his own reports)
  • A complete set of reports which covers all the Administration needs
  • Easy exporting reports to other windows application format (MS-Word, Excel, text, PDF) so you can easily edit your report using the familiar commands and features within these programs to suite your need.
  • The ability of Sending reports via mail.

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