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Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi has allocated in 1417H According to the Islamic view of endowment ,

some of his properties as complete benevolent endowment where revenue is be spent in expenditure specified deed and that are twelve items of expenditure. Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi Endowment Management was founded to achieve the following objectives:

  1. 1.To take care of the real estate and the farms endowed by Sheikh Saleh Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi and preserve it by making the best of it by transfer, repair and making good of the defective etc..
  2. 2.Invest the part specified for investment in order to increase and develop the endowment.
  3. 3.To maintain the defects in the existing endowments.
  4. 4.To spend the revenue of these endowments on items of expenditure specified by the endower and to supervise
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